(Teeth Alignment)


Orthodontics (Teeth Alignment)

At Accu Dental, orthodontic treatment is most commonly used to improve the alignment and appearance of crowded, protruding, or crooked teeth or to correct issues with the bite of your teeth.

Why Is Orthodontics Used?

Orthodontic treatment is used by our expert orthodontists and dental surgeons to correct dental crowding and to straighten your teeth if they are crooked or protruding. It is also used to correct your bite so that your top and bottom teeth meet evenly. Finally, it can help to reduce the chance of damage to your more prominent teeth.

Many individuals have crooked or crowded teeth, or they do not meet correctly when they bite down. Where these problems occur, it can be difficult to keep your gums and teeth clean, and so they are more likely to become infected or damaged.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatments typically involve the use of dental braces in order to correct the position of your teeth. The exact treatment that you receive and the length of this will be decided by our orthodontists and dental surgeons and is dependent upon your own personal oral health.

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